The Client

A community bank in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia, serving both Business Banking and Personal Banking customers.

The Mission

Raise the standards of accessible design on the website to ensure that the organization met ADA compliance rules and regulations.

The Results

Provide greater value to customers with disabilities and eliminate potential liabilities related to non-compliance with the website and Internet provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Our team tested everything from font size, to image description tags, to color contrast in an effort to report all ADA compliance flags in detail. 

We compiled a complete list of areas that required attention, and updated each section in phases to ensure that the updated site met all existing brand guidelines.

what goes into
Ada Compliance?

The process to make the website fully compliant with the  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)  standards required rigorous testing which was reported in phases for approval before execution. These elements included:

- code review

-color contrast options

-image tags and page descriptions

-page architecture

-navigation structure & features

By following this process in a phased structure, we were able to address all aspects of compliance while still remaining within the client's brand standards.

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adjective providing private coaching, advice, and tailored training programs to other marketing professionals and business leaders.



noun using web-based languages to build customized online experiences for marketing and internal uses that achieve a company's goals.

ADA website compliance

ada web·site com·pli·ance

noun a set of website usability standards which, when properly implemented, make the information held on a website as accessible as possible to Americans with a range of disabilities.

application development

ap·pli·ca·tion de·vel·op·ment

noun the science of turning pizza into a uniquely customized mobile or desktop program.

content optimization

con·tent op·ti·mi·za·tion

noun the process of making sure the copy and images on your website are friendly and visible to visitors and search engines alike.



noun creating a 'stick figure' version of your website design; creating a road map to success on a website project.