Rollins College Edyth Bush Institute

The Client

The Edyth Bush Institute for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership (EBI) works to strengthen nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, and expand the influence of the independent sector. 

Through in-person courses and online trainings, EBI offers practical guidance that improves the impact, effectiveness, and leadership of nonprofits.

The Mission

CTS Agency co-founders Greg Trujillo and Carolyn Capern lend their expertise as Instructors at the Edyth Bush Institute in classes taught several times each year to Central Florida nonprofit leaders. Topics range from advertising and analytics to social marketing strategy and websites.

The Results

Since 2016, we have taught courses including:  

-Building Brand Advocacy for Social Media Growth

-Marketing Essentials for Executive Directors

-Cutting Through the Digital Noise

-Program Marketing Essentials

-Managing Rebranding & Website Projects
-Demystifying Digital Ads & Analytics

2018 courses

August 3, 2018 - Getting to Know Google AdWords & Analytics

August 29, 2018 - Be Different, Be Heard: How to Rise to the Top on Social Media

October 23, 2018 - Digital Advertising

December 4, 2018 - Analytics Deep Dive

Animated Presentations

For each class, we create custom presentations included visual cues and animated depictions of each lesson to support the message and key educational points of interest.


Each class also includes activities and worksheets to further assist the students in achieving their marketing goals.

Facebook live promotions 

The team at Edyth Bush Institute invited Greg and Carolyn to help promote several course offerings via Facebook Live. 


In these Facebook Live videos, we have worked to preview course material and offer additional insights that go beyond class discussions.


Change Everything

The Client

Change Everything is an innovative social change accelerator. Founded by Andrae Bailey, former CEO of the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness. CE provides strategy aimed at generating forward movement for nonprofit, businesses and cities.

The Mission

Fundamentally change the way nonprofits function which is relying on the problem to exist for the nonprofit to become successful and remain in operation.

The Results

Our team worked with the client directly to reverse the negative mindset to break the cycle of avoiding solutions in fear of the issuing going away and engaged the local community to understand that we can change everything by finding a solution to the problem as opposed to relying on large donations.


The most successful points of this campaign involved a ribbon cutting with the city mayor and local awards to honor nonprofits which inspired Orlando nonprofit leaders to engage in these practices and support our client to make valuable change within their community.

Social Media

First and Goal Gala was a special event created to raise all proceeds towards underprivileged children in our community through the Parramore Kidz Zone. This was personally hosted by the creator of Change Everything, Andrae Bailey and included a special co-host Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer. NFL Great Jeff Faine also joined the special gala event during the inaugural Pro Bowl weekend in Orlando along with other former NFL players to support the cause. Our team worked on the social media from design to execution to ensure the event was filled to capacity.

Print Media

Along with social media awareness, we also worked on custom print pieces to peak curiosity from downtown locals. Our printed media for this event was strategically handed out and offered in key places to avoid overbooking the venue, but also ensured that the gala was a full house to deliver successful results directly to Parramore Kidz Zone and their cause.

Promotional Events

Our client wanted to make his organization known in a different way than other nonprofits. The Change Everything Awards was created to raise awareness for our client but also praise the leaders of Orlando’s nonprofits for being a pillar to their community. The award ceremony included the Orlando city mayor Buddy Dyer as a guest for a special ribbon cutting.

Charity Events

Our client wanted to make his organization known in a different way than other nonprofits by offering a special holiday event to raise funds in an effort to support iDiginity. This would directly assist the disadvantaged in Central Florida through the complex steps of getting personal identification.

Rethink Homelessness

The Client

Homelessness affects thousands of people in Central Florida every year.

In 2013, Central Florida had the largest homeless population in the United States compared to other regions our size. 

The Central Florida Commission (CFCH) on Homelessness is tasked with bringing together governments, nonprofits, businesses, and leaders to identify solutions for this

challenging issue.

The Mission

Many in Central Florida saw people on the streets as lazy bums who lived off the government and the charity of others. CFCH leadership knew that without the support of the public, homelessness would remain a low priority in the eyes of local leaders. We strategized with CFCH and partners to launch a grassroots advocacy campaign to shift the way homelessness was perceived in Central Florida.

the results

The Rethink Homelessness campaign launched in October 2013 and became one of the most prominent cause-based brands in Central Florida. 


-6M+ YouTube views

-Housing First becomes a City and County priority

-Record $6M unsolicited donation 

-Orlando Sentinel + readers vote homelessness #1 most important story of the year

-Orlando Mayor makes homelessness an important city priority


Consult on branding, content planning, and strategic use of social media for the provocative Rethink Homelessness campaign. 

Develop posting strategy and campaign marketing, including the website, blogging, and other social platforms 

Administer an aggressive campaign of strategically targeted Facebook ads to reach target audience throughout Central Florida

Facilitate events to engage community members and 'armchair advocates' in support of ending homelessness

Facebook likes growth from 0 to 10,000 page likes in three months

growing Facebook page likes from October to the first week of January

the right message for the right audience

Rethink Homelessness launched their social media campaign officially on October 10, 2013 with 100 likes on Facebook and a smaller presence on Twitter. 

With the help of emotional content and aggressive ads, we helped the campaign grow to over 11,000 local followers in its first three months.

Rethink Homelessness Advocacy Campaign with FanDuel

website relaunch

From 2013 to 2017, we designed and updated a new and ever-growing website to meet the shifting needs of Rethink Homelessness. 

Designed to drive users to action, the first iteration of the site featured four easy action steps and enabled leaders to create content on a blog as well as ongoing video content.

The campaign website also highlighted CFCH research and reports, a crowdfunding campaign, volunteer opportunities, and more. 

community Events

During the second phase of the campaign, we partnered with community leaders and organizations to raise awareness through events.

At these events, we harnessed social media to extend the reach to millions of people, far beyond the number of people who attended IRL.

Local sports teams -- the Orlando Magic, Orlando Solar Bears, and Orlando City Soccer Club -- all stepped up to host awareness events.

At each event, we partnered with corporate sponsors (including FanDuel and Orlando Health) to match $1 for every tweet or post that used #rethinkhomelessness during the game.

We also helped to facilitate advocacy nights with Orlando community partners like Macbeth Studio, Kasa, and Local Love Orlando.

These informal evenings provided an opportunity for advocates to connect and take pictures in a custom photobooth to show their support. 

Rethink Homelessness Advocacy Campaign with Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and Orlando City Soccer Club

Rethink Homelessness social media advocacy campaign

Social Media

The Rethink Homelessness campaign harnessed powerful social media strategies to raise visibility for the cause of homelessness in Central Florida.

The strategy was based on creating original, emotional content. This incorporated a hybrid of data and stories -- often real stories of people experiencing homelessness in Orlando. The 'Cardboard Stories' video captured many of these 'real stories' and became one of the most powerful and memorable pieces produced by the campaign.

To better tell the story and help community members connect with the issue, the campaign also recruited 'lead advocates' to serve as narrators and storytellers for the mission. 

With the help of these energetic advocates and a strong advertising strategy, the campaign organically caught the attention of multiple prominent influencers, including George Takei, Justin Timberlake, and William Shatner, and continued to grow. 

extending the mission

The Commission's work on homelessness initially focused on helping people who had lived on the streets for many years, most of whom had a mental or physical disability that kept them from being able to work. 

A couple of years into the campaign, CFCH began to explore ways to address other types of homelessness, including families and young adults. 

We helped to work on a branding pivot for the campaign to raise awareness about youth homelessness, including creating concepts for a coffee cup sleeve (below) for distribution in local coffee shops.

Custom Designed Rethink Homelessness Business cards
Custom Designed Products for Advocacy Campaign Rethink Homelessness
Custom Designed Coffee Sleeve for Rethink Homelessness

Orlando United Assistance Center

The Client

The Orlando United Assistance Center offers support, resources and hope for those impacted by the Pulse tragedy. Founded as a collaboration between the City of Orlando, Orange County Government and Heart of Florida United Way, the OUAC connects individuals and families with community resources to assist with healing.

The mission

-conceptualize and implement a branding campaign to increase the visibility of OUAC and position them as a pivotal support organization


-raise awareness about the ongoing mental health impacts of Pulse in Orlando

the results

After a series of interviews and creative exercises, we designed a campaign called "Together" and outlined a strategy concept to implement it. The campaign has included:

-social media posting

-print collateral items

-"Together We Talk" show on Facebook Live

-digital advertising & TV/radio PSA campaign

-open house event

-TV & print media visibility

campaign design

Working with OUAC required our team to draw on the depth of emotion that has affected the Orlando community since Pulse, and empathize with the realities of life for the many people who have been impacted. 

Through a messaging workshop held with the compassionate staff at OUAC and other audience research techniques, we developed a branding campaign with clear, simple messaging that spanned social media, live video, digital and traditional advertising, print collateral, media visibility, and more. 

Custom Advocacy Campaign Billboard for Orlando United Assistance Center

campaign message

The Pulse tragedy deeply impacted the Hispanic, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ community. As a result, this campaign also required us to create a theme that was easily accessible for both English and Spanish audiences.

As a team, we created a series of interchangeable messages based around the word "Together" to build the idea of solidarity and resilience:

Together we are hope.

Together we are strong.

Together we are love.

Together we are Orlando.

Brand Guidelines

We also produced a detailed set of brand guidelines for OUAC to share with staff members, outside contractors, and creative partners. These guidelines included an outline of the  organization's mission and values, as well as logo requirements, chosen fonts, and color palettes.

Campaign brand guidelines for together campaign Orlando United Assistance Center

Branding Color Pallet for Together Campaign, Orlando United Assistance Center
Campaign branding for Together Campaign under Orlando United Assistance Center

logo re-design

To help the Orlando United Assistance Center get a "fresh look" in the community, we designed a new, simplified logo for the organization.

Campaign Materials

OUAC staff regularly attend events out in the community. They wanted to create promotional materials to display and hand out at their booth, and make available at the OUAC reception desk.


We designed an array of promotional items and facilitated printing through our partners at Bowled Over Promotions. These included a tablecloth, signage, pins, sunglasses, hand fans, brochures, an Instagram sign, and more.

Custom designed campaign swag, buttons, stickers, lanyards, and pins  for Orlando United Assistance Center

Custom designed campaign accessories and swag - heart shaped photo prop for Together Campaign


campaign accessories

Our creative process also incorporated miscellaneous branded items like this set of Together We Are Strong fans that offer visitors a free takeaway -- a great addition to any outdoor events in Orlando!

brochure design

To further educate the community about the work of OUAC, the center needed takeaway materials for visitors. We created this brochure for those interested in learning more about the organization or how to get help.

OUAC design brochure design creative

Custom deigned popup banners for Orlando United Assistance Center


banner signage 

When OUAC attends community events, they needed banner signage to stand out from the crowd and effectively raise awareness about OUAC and the Together campaign. We created this set of three banners to be used interchangeably at the center or at events. 

social media awareness

When we began working with them, the Orlando United Assistance Center presence on social media was limited to occasional posts on their Facebook page with low visibility and little video.


We began to support the staff in the creation of their social media content, and introduced a periodic Facebook Live show called "Together We Talk", in which staff member Joél Morales interviewed local community members including Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, Heart of Florida United Way CEO Jeff Hayward, mental health counselor Andria Roa, and OnePulse Foundation Executive Director Barbara Poma.

OUAC social media Facebook live videos

social media engagement

We also designed custom die cut print signs for OUAC staff to take to local community events to help increase their offline and online visibility.

Custom Designed social media picture frame

Custom designed campaign apparel for Orlando United Assistance Center

Campaign Apparel

OUAC has an amazing staff and crew of volunteers that work hard helping survivors and people impacted by Pulse every day. 


We were tasked to create a set of t-shirt concepts to help team members spread the word about OUAC, and designed a community-inspired graphic to meet their needs.


The Client

The annual Social Fresh Conference is the longest-running conference in the social media industry. Every year, the conference hosts marketers from leading brands to learn advanced digital marketing strategies, network with each other, and discuss the future of this ever-changing industry.


The Mission

-re-engage the Social Fresh email list and remove non-engaged subscribers


-generate interest in the 2016 conference and drive  ticket sales through emails and Facebook advertising to custom landing pages


-provide on-site stage management and tech oversight at the conference

the results

Our relationship with Social Fresh conference began as enthusiastic new volunteers in 2014. Over the years, we  supported the success of the event by providing email marketing and advertising support; recruiting vendors, volunteers, sponsors, and attendees; and serving as stage managers and tech directors during the conference itself.


Design Facebook ads and remarketing campaign strategy

Build and manage audience targeting and lookalikes

Develop an audience re-engagement strategy and email automation campaign

Manage and update sales landing pages

Assist with volunteer coordination, stage management, and audio visual management during the conference

conference marketing

Promoting any event requires strategic targeting and effective messaging. For the 2016 conference, we supported Social Fresh in their ticket sales and conference marketing efforts by designing and managing a highly targeted advertising campaign via Facebook Ads.

We also helped Social Fresh build a more active email list by developing an automation strategy to re-engage their subscribers and build an email-driven sales funnel for the conference.

Social media and Facebook Advertisement design and implementation

conference support

Coordinating the details behind a large, highly produced event like Social Fresh Conference requires careful attention to detail and a lot of effort by volunteers and staff members.

The CTS Agency team has actively supported the event management of Social Fresh Conference, serving as audio/visual managers, stage managers, assisting with video, PowerPoint production, volunteer recruitment, and more.

Live posting from Social Fresh conference and other social media conference support