The Client

FINFROCK is a leader in the design-build construction industry. Named one of Central Florida’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies by the Orlando Business Journal, FINFROCK delivers buildings as a product rather than a series of services. They are revolutionizing the market with their vertically integrated model and commitment to technology-driven innovation.  FINFROCK invited us to collaborate with their talented in-house marketing team to build a data-driven digital marketing strategy.

The Mission

FINFROCK wanted to measure their marketing efforts in terms of goals and fully understand what the effectiveness of their current marketing while a building a strong digital presence. We started by outlining the best ways to measure their progress and delivering detailed reports with strategic recommendations to increase client and employee recruitment. With goals set, we provided consultations to help improve SEO and social media capabilities to match the right audience with a value proposition that resonates. We helped to establish relevant tracking for important website pages, website visitor journey, web page usage, and social media growth & performance metrics.

the results

FINFROCK is creating digital content with an audience first approach increasing the impact of the targeted ads and social media campaigns they have created. Through analysis of how visitors were using their website, FINFROCK decided to engage us to help create a more streamlined visitor experience based on their business goals. After the launch of the new website, FINFROCK saw an increase in quality conversions. From January 1, 2018 - February 13, 2019, there were 121 forms filled out. From February 14, 2019 - January  1, 2020, there were 2,474 forms filled out  by potential clients, subcontractors, and employees. There was also an increase in website traffic of 36% (56,519 vs 41,620).



FINFROCK needed strategy recommendations, so we  started with a deep dive into their analytics. Based on FINFROCK’s marketing goals, we analyzed their website and made suggestions that would increase their conversions. After FINFROCK implemented the changes, it was clear that their old website was not optimized for sales or recruitment conversions. FINFROCK then decided to partner with us to facilitate a redesign of their website with sales and recruitment as the main goals they wanted to track and measure.


We then outlined a new website structure that simplified their messaging and design. We also made it easier for visitors to fill out recruitment forms and client forms. The new site also included a substantial focus on videos and featured a modern, clean design.

monthly analytics reports

FINFROCK needed a better understanding of their social media and website performance. As an on-going service, we create monthly analytic reports. Based on the data, it’s easy to see which of their marketing efforts were working and where they could use some improvement. With each report, we meet with FINFROCK to review our findings, answer their questions and offer strategy recommendations. 


As part of their monthly analytics report, we help staff develop a foundation of knowledge to improve engagement and conversion rates on their marketing and ad results. This includes everything from creative brainstorming, social media advertising tactics, best practices for Instagram stories, content writing suggestions, UTM code implementation, audience targeting workshops and other digital marketing efforts..

Home page

FINFROCK focuses on gaining clients and great employees. For the home page, the “Work for Us” and “Work With Us” buttons are based on the right angles in architecture and building. With the rise of videos on social media, audiences are used to watching them to consume content. With a video as the central focus, it holds audiences’ attention to create a relationship with them and give them a brief overview of the company. The entire homepage is also above the fold, so it does not require any scrolling on most devices.

careers page

FINFROCK aims to hire qualified candidates. We reorganized the careers page to have a sort feature so potential employees can organize by labor/skilled jobs and professional/support jobs. The layout is Pintrest style to easily showcase multiple job postings. To assist visitors and increase the ease of applying, there is an application form on each listing. 

media page

FINFROCK currently has a large archive of media items. The sorting feature at the top allows visitors to find what they need quickly. The slider at the bottom displays each media item and newsleter, which allows visitors to browse all the items.

Atlantic Coast Bank

The Client

A community bank in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia, serving both Business Banking and Personal Banking customers.

The Mission

Raise the standards of accessible design on the website to ensure that the organization met ADA compliance rules and regulations.

The Results

Provide greater value to customers with disabilities and eliminate potential liabilities related to non-compliance with the website and Internet provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Our team tested everything from font size, to image description tags, to color contrast in an effort to report all ADA compliance flags in detail. 

We compiled a complete list of areas that required attention, and updated each section in phases to ensure that the updated site met all existing brand guidelines.

what goes into
Ada Compliance?

The process to make the website fully compliant with the  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)  standards required rigorous testing which was reported in phases for approval before execution. These elements included:

- code review

-color contrast options

-image tags and page descriptions

-page architecture

-navigation structure & features

By following this process in a phased structure, we were able to address all aspects of compliance while still remaining within the client's brand standards.

Caton Hosey

The Client

Caton Hosey Insurance has a reputation for outstanding customer service and embracing technology solutions to better serve their clients.

As an independent broker, they have provided personal and commercial insurance to Port Orange and beyond since 1948.

The Mission

-Design and develop a new brand website for Caton Hosey Insurance.

-Facilitate increased lead generation and streamlined traffic flow

-Enable Caton Hosey staff to manage and update the website content

The Results

When we created the new  design, we placed the core question front and center: "what type of insurance are you looking for?"

By offering visitors exactly what they need on the first screen, we make it easier for them to decide whether Caton Hosey is a good fit. Pages about the team and client services ultimately drive users toward the core call to actions.


On the Caton Hosey home page, we worked to drive sales via a quick selection area for available insurance plans. 

In the first area viewed by a website visitor, we offered them the opportunity to select whether they were looking for personal or business insurance, and then to view all the insurance types appropriate to that category.

Immediately below that area, we offered a dropdown menu highlighting all the available insurance offerings at Caton Hosey Insurance.

For prospective visitors, selecting a plan could not be simpler with the ability to select a category of insurance to quickly help them find what they are looking for.

Website Redesign

The new Caton Hosey website needed a bold and direct way to reach visitors. Many potential clients would spend too much time trying to find the type of insurance they required. 

Due to the many options available for insurance, we tried to streamline the landing page and sub pages to lead visitors to the content they seek quickly and painlessly.

Responsive Programming

The new design also kept full responsiveness in mind to ensure that visitors found the mobile experience to be as efficient as the desktop experience. 

Common Sense Furniture

The Client

Common Sense Office Furniture has provided top quality furniture for custom office spaces in businesses across Florida for over 20 years. They offer an unsurpassed selection of options for sale and rental, from 150+ manufacturers. 

The Mission

Streamline the digital sales experience for Common Sense Office Furniture and increase the company's visibility online through search engine optimization.

The Results

We designed and developed a new responsive website to streamline furniture rentals through an estimate builder tied to the product catalog. We also optimized the code and content of the main Common Sense website for increased visibility in search.


Design and develop a responsive website that offers an online catalog of available items in stock and allows visitors to compile an estimate based on the furniture items they added to their quote, saving the sales department hours of work daily.

total new users from site launch to may 2018

Search optimization

The search engine optimization efforts for the main Common Sense website resulted in a steady increase in visitors.

Our SEO efforts began with a comprehensive website audit and ranged from optimization of existing content to creation of new content, speed optimization, and more.

rentals website design

The desktop version of the site was designed to engage the user and guide them through the process of completing an estimate to ensure the correct equipment is rented. 

The entire website is driven by a customized content management system, allowing Common Sense staff administrators to update content across the entire site as needed.

responsive programming

The mobile design for this project was kept clean and easy to navigate in order to maintain the streamlined desktop experience. This includes interactive areas such as the quote request form and inventory pages.

Orlando Science Center

The Client

The Orlando Science Center is a private science museum located in Orlando, Florida. We teamed up with their marketing department and redesigned the OSC website to offer visitors accessible information on their exciting exhibits, experiences, and events taking place throughout the year.

The Mission

Create a user-friendly online experience that promotes access to the science center and furthers their mission of inspiring science learning for life. We understood their website needed more than just a good design --  it needed a strong framework to communicate essential information to visitors in a straightforward, actionable style.

The Results

Visitors to the new have found exhibits, events, programs, and activities at their fingertips, particularly on the updated mobile-first experience. The site has facilitated increased speed and search traffic for the organization, and OSC staff can are able to save time and effort with the new content management system built around their needs. 


-survey OSC members, volunteers, and staff about website requirements

-develop a user flow that for multiple age group and audiences

-simplify menu navigation with clear, action-oriented language

-design a user-friendly website for both admins and visitors 

Custom designed and developed website for Orlando Science Center

interactive home page

For, the home page is an essential portal for visitors seeking information about their upcoming visit to the science center.


Knowing that the slider on the previous website was a pivotal communication platform for staff members in different departments, we designed a prominent carousel in the call-to-action area. This has allowed for a more diverse cross-section of messaging in this highly visible area.


The home page also includes a sortable, category-based section called "Who's Coming to the Science Center?" that allows visitors to explore programs by age demographic.

plan your visit

After reviewing the OSC website analytics, one of the most popular pages on the previous site was an 'About' page with hours and planning details.


For the new site, we incorporated a new page called "Plan Your Visit", a centralized resource for visitors. In addition to today's hours (pulled from the central events calendar), the page includes admission pricing, transportation options, food options, experiences, and etiquette. 


Website responsive design OSC
mobile friendly website design osc

mobile-first layout

Consideration for responsive design was extremely important as OSC receives an ever-increasing amount of traffic from mobile devices. We took a mobile first approach when creating the initial design and the build of the website, with a specific goal to increase the loading speed for mobile web traffic. 

website development event calendar osc

events calendar

The event page was redesigned to streamline the process for families planning a trip to the science center.


By creating a drop down menu that allows visitors to select their preferred event type, visitors can quickly see which events are the most appropriate for their visit.


Alternatively, if they prefer, visitors can browse the entire upcoming OSC calendar and select the ideal date for their upcoming visit.

Social-friendly development

The website is designed to take full advantage of Open Graph tags so each social media share has large brilliant images. The proper implementation of Open Graph tags also helps with search engine optimization (SEO) since each of the major search engines analyze these tags.

Responsive Social Media Design for OSC

Rethink Homelessness

The Client

Homelessness affects thousands of people in Central Florida every year.

In 2013, Central Florida had the largest homeless population in the United States compared to other regions our size. 

The Central Florida Commission (CFCH) on Homelessness is tasked with bringing together governments, nonprofits, businesses, and leaders to identify solutions for this

challenging issue.

The Mission

Many in Central Florida saw people on the streets as lazy bums who lived off the government and the charity of others. CFCH leadership knew that without the support of the public, homelessness would remain a low priority in the eyes of local leaders. We strategized with CFCH and partners to launch a grassroots advocacy campaign to shift the way homelessness was perceived in Central Florida.

the results

The Rethink Homelessness campaign launched in October 2013 and became one of the most prominent cause-based brands in Central Florida. 


-6M+ YouTube views

-Housing First becomes a City and County priority

-Record $6M unsolicited donation 

-Orlando Sentinel + readers vote homelessness #1 most important story of the year

-Orlando Mayor makes homelessness an important city priority


Consult on branding, content planning, and strategic use of social media for the provocative Rethink Homelessness campaign. 

Develop posting strategy and campaign marketing, including the website, blogging, and other social platforms 

Administer an aggressive campaign of strategically targeted Facebook ads to reach target audience throughout Central Florida

Facilitate events to engage community members and 'armchair advocates' in support of ending homelessness

Facebook likes growth from 0 to 10,000 page likes in three months

growing Facebook page likes from October to the first week of January

the right message for the right audience

Rethink Homelessness launched their social media campaign officially on October 10, 2013 with 100 likes on Facebook and a smaller presence on Twitter. 

With the help of emotional content and aggressive ads, we helped the campaign grow to over 11,000 local followers in its first three months.

Rethink Homelessness Advocacy Campaign with FanDuel

website relaunch

From 2013 to 2017, we designed and updated a new and ever-growing website to meet the shifting needs of Rethink Homelessness. 

Designed to drive users to action, the first iteration of the site featured four easy action steps and enabled leaders to create content on a blog as well as ongoing video content.

The campaign website also highlighted CFCH research and reports, a crowdfunding campaign, volunteer opportunities, and more. 

community Events

During the second phase of the campaign, we partnered with community leaders and organizations to raise awareness through events.

At these events, we harnessed social media to extend the reach to millions of people, far beyond the number of people who attended IRL.

Local sports teams -- the Orlando Magic, Orlando Solar Bears, and Orlando City Soccer Club -- all stepped up to host awareness events.

At each event, we partnered with corporate sponsors (including FanDuel and Orlando Health) to match $1 for every tweet or post that used #rethinkhomelessness during the game.

We also helped to facilitate advocacy nights with Orlando community partners like Macbeth Studio, Kasa, and Local Love Orlando.

These informal evenings provided an opportunity for advocates to connect and take pictures in a custom photobooth to show their support. 

Rethink Homelessness Advocacy Campaign with Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and Orlando City Soccer Club

Rethink Homelessness social media advocacy campaign

Social Media

The Rethink Homelessness campaign harnessed powerful social media strategies to raise visibility for the cause of homelessness in Central Florida.

The strategy was based on creating original, emotional content. This incorporated a hybrid of data and stories -- often real stories of people experiencing homelessness in Orlando. The 'Cardboard Stories' video captured many of these 'real stories' and became one of the most powerful and memorable pieces produced by the campaign.

To better tell the story and help community members connect with the issue, the campaign also recruited 'lead advocates' to serve as narrators and storytellers for the mission. 

With the help of these energetic advocates and a strong advertising strategy, the campaign organically caught the attention of multiple prominent influencers, including George Takei, Justin Timberlake, and William Shatner, and continued to grow. 

extending the mission

The Commission's work on homelessness initially focused on helping people who had lived on the streets for many years, most of whom had a mental or physical disability that kept them from being able to work. 

A couple of years into the campaign, CFCH began to explore ways to address other types of homelessness, including families and young adults. 

We helped to work on a branding pivot for the campaign to raise awareness about youth homelessness, including creating concepts for a coffee cup sleeve (below) for distribution in local coffee shops.

Custom Designed Rethink Homelessness Business cards
Custom Designed Products for Advocacy Campaign Rethink Homelessness
Custom Designed Coffee Sleeve for Rethink Homelessness

International Gynecologic Cancer Society

The Client

The International Gynecologic Cancer Society (IGCS) works to enhance the care of women with gynecologic cancer worldwide through education, training, and public awareness. 

Through a membership-based model, they connect doctors to share knowledge and research across borders, allowing the standards of care to increase in countries of all income levels.

The Mission

We worked with staff and leadership in a collaborative process to modernize the IGCS brand and website. 

Our primary goal was to give staff the freedom to manage content and the membership database internally. 

Leadership also wanted to enhance the member experience on the website, to make it a valuable resource and opportunity to connect with colleagues.

the results

We simplified and modernized the IGCS logo from the original 1987 brand, and produced a set of brand guidelines to ensure clear communication standards. The new website improved the public brand of IGCS as well as the online membership features, including: 

-online applications

-online elections

-searchable directory

-education portal

-member payments 
-dues renewal

-database with CSV feature for membership management

our approach

Interview IGCS leadership about goals and priorities for website

Survey membership about preferences for website usage

Create concept art for logos and brand materials

Outline functionality requirements

Structure, design, and develop new website and membership portals

showcasing impact

In order to achieve their goals of expanding membership to more gynecologic cancer doctors throughout the world, the new IGCS website needed to clearly communicate the mission and impact of the organization.

We worked with IGCS staff to demonstrate the mission and impact of the organization throughout the site, creating a variety of features and pages including:

-an interactive infographic highlighting unique details about each of the five main gynecologic cancers

-a map showing where IGCS members are based

-slider for member stories and testimonials

-sortable member spotlight archive

Brand Guidelines

Organizations like IGCS often need to clearly communicate their visual and voice standards with staff members, outside contractors, and creative partners.

We produced a detailed set of brand guidelines for IGCS to use on a recurring basis, including an outline of the mission and distinguishing values for the brand as well as logo requirements, chosen fonts, and color palettes.

member-exclusive features

IGCS members wanted more opportunities to connect with each other and access resources from biennial and regional meetings hosted by the organization.

In response to this demand, we worked with leadership to build a variety of member-exclusive features, accessible only through a password-protected portal. These features include:

-a members-only social network and discussion forum

-education portal with member-produced resources

-searchable membership directory

-editable member profile

-members-only blog

-streamlined access to professional journal

-voting portal for IGCS Council elections

logo rebrand

The original IGCS logo sent mixed signals to both existing and prospective members. The color red was not aligned with their values and abundant use of iconography also made it difficult to easily identify the cause of their organization.

We redesigned their logo to offer a clear visual representation of their misson statement. A new color palette for their rebrand also inspired wisdom and a sense of stability for their new look.