The Client

Change Everything is an innovative social change accelerator. Founded by Andrae Bailey, former CEO of the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness. CE provides strategy aimed at generating forward movement for nonprofit, businesses and cities.

The Mission

Fundamentally change the way nonprofits function which is relying on the problem to exist for the nonprofit to become successful and remain in operation.

The Results

Our team worked with the client directly to reverse the negative mindset to break the cycle of avoiding solutions in fear of the issuing going away and engaged the local community to understand that we can change everything by finding a solution to the problem as opposed to relying on large donations.


The most successful points of this campaign involved a ribbon cutting with the city mayor and local awards to honor nonprofits which inspired Orlando nonprofit leaders to engage in these practices and support our client to make valuable change within their community.

Social Media

First and Goal Gala was a special event created to raise all proceeds towards underprivileged children in our community through the Parramore Kidz Zone. This was personally hosted by the creator of Change Everything, Andrae Bailey and included a special co-host Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer. NFL Great Jeff Faine also joined the special gala event during the inaugural Pro Bowl weekend in Orlando along with other former NFL players to support the cause. Our team worked on the social media from design to execution to ensure the event was filled to capacity.

Print Media

Along with social media awareness, we also worked on custom print pieces to peak curiosity from downtown locals. Our printed media for this event was strategically handed out and offered in key places to avoid overbooking the venue, but also ensured that the gala was a full house to deliver successful results directly to Parramore Kidz Zone and their cause.

Promotional Events

Our client wanted to make his organization known in a different way than other nonprofits. The Change Everything Awards was created to raise awareness for our client but also praise the leaders of Orlando’s nonprofits for being a pillar to their community. The award ceremony included the Orlando city mayor Buddy Dyer as a guest for a special ribbon cutting.

Charity Events

Our client wanted to make his organization known in a different way than other nonprofits by offering a special holiday event to raise funds in an effort to support iDiginity. This would directly assist the disadvantaged in Central Florida through the complex steps of getting personal identification.

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noun creating a unique combination of design, sign, symbol, and words to produce an image that identifies an organization and differentiates it from its competitors.



noun creating the flow and story arc for video, written report, or advertising campaign; a process to ensure a smooth flow of ideas and tie themes together effectively.

social media

so·cial me·di·a

noun web-based platforms that allow users and brands to connect, create and share content and build communities across geographies and across interests.

content optimization

con·tent op·ti·mi·za·tion

noun the process of making sure the copy and images on your website are friendly and visible to visitors and search engines alike.

campaign strategy

cam·paign strat·e·gy

noun a creative process to outline key themes and audiences, communications tactics, and essential channels through which the client can accomplish a message-driven goal.

live event management

live e·vent management

noun conceptualizing, planning, and implementing memorable and shareable large-scale events