The Client

FINFROCK is a leader in the design-build construction industry. Named one of Central Florida’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies by the Orlando Business Journal, FINFROCK delivers buildings as a product rather than a series of services. They are revolutionizing the market with their vertically integrated model and commitment to technology-driven innovation.  FINFROCK invited us to collaborate with their talented in-house marketing team to build a data-driven digital marketing strategy.

The Mission

FINFROCK wanted to measure their marketing efforts in terms of goals and fully understand what the effectiveness of their current marketing while a building a strong digital presence. We started by outlining the best ways to measure their progress and delivering detailed reports with strategic recommendations to increase client and employee recruitment. With goals set, we provided consultations to help improve SEO and social media capabilities to match the right audience with a value proposition that resonates. We helped to establish relevant tracking for important website pages, website visitor journey, web page usage, and social media growth & performance metrics.

the results

FINFROCK is creating digital content with an audience first approach increasing the impact of the targeted ads and social media campaigns they have created. Through analysis of how visitors were using their website, FINFROCK decided to engage us to help create a more streamlined visitor experience based on their business goals. After the launch of the new website, FINFROCK saw an increase in quality conversions. From January 1, 2018 - February 13, 2019, there were 121 forms filled out. From February 14, 2019 - January  1, 2020, there were 2,474 forms filled out  by potential clients, subcontractors, and employees. There was also an increase in website traffic of 36% (56,519 vs 41,620).



FINFROCK needed strategy recommendations, so we  started with a deep dive into their analytics. Based on FINFROCK’s marketing goals, we analyzed their website and made suggestions that would increase their conversions. After FINFROCK implemented the changes, it was clear that their old website was not optimized for sales or recruitment conversions. FINFROCK then decided to partner with us to facilitate a redesign of their website with sales and recruitment as the main goals they wanted to track and measure.


We then outlined a new website structure that simplified their messaging and design. We also made it easier for visitors to fill out recruitment forms and client forms. The new site also included a substantial focus on videos and featured a modern, clean design.

monthly analytics reports

FINFROCK needed a better understanding of their social media and website performance. As an on-going service, we create monthly analytic reports. Based on the data, it’s easy to see which of their marketing efforts were working and where they could use some improvement. With each report, we meet with FINFROCK to review our findings, answer their questions and offer strategy recommendations. 


As part of their monthly analytics report, we help staff develop a foundation of knowledge to improve engagement and conversion rates on their marketing and ad results. This includes everything from creative brainstorming, social media advertising tactics, best practices for Instagram stories, content writing suggestions, UTM code implementation, audience targeting workshops and other digital marketing efforts..

Home page

FINFROCK focuses on gaining clients and great employees. For the home page, the “Work for Us” and “Work With Us” buttons are based on the right angles in architecture and building. With the rise of videos on social media, audiences are used to watching them to consume content. With a video as the central focus, it holds audiences’ attention to create a relationship with them and give them a brief overview of the company. The entire homepage is also above the fold, so it does not require any scrolling on most devices.

careers page

FINFROCK aims to hire qualified candidates. We reorganized the careers page to have a sort feature so potential employees can organize by labor/skilled jobs and professional/support jobs. The layout is Pintrest style to easily showcase multiple job postings. To assist visitors and increase the ease of applying, there is an application form on each listing. 

media page

FINFROCK currently has a large archive of media items. The sorting feature at the top allows visitors to find what they need quickly. The slider at the bottom displays each media item and newsleter, which allows visitors to browse all the items.

...skills for the resume

live event management

live e·vent management

noun conceptualizing, planning, and implementing memorable and shareable large-scale events



adjective providing private coaching, advice, and tailored training programs to other marketing professionals and business leaders.



noun creating a unique combination of design, sign, symbol, and words to produce an image that identifies an organization and differentiates it from its competitors.

graphic design

graph·ic de·sign

noun the art of combining text and pictures in collateral for print and digital media.

content optimization

con·tent op·ti·mi·za·tion

noun the process of making sure the copy and images on your website are friendly and visible to visitors and search engines alike.

application development

ap·pli·ca·tion de·vel·op·ment

noun the science of turning pizza into a uniquely customized mobile or desktop program.