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The team at CTS Agency is a pleasure to work with. They have a heart for important causes and a deep knowledge of how to make advocacy messages impactful. Their team worked hard to gain a deep understanding of our needs and the campaign they developed resonated with our stakeholders and our audience. They are excellent collaborators and creative partners for any nonprofit organization.

The Client

The Orlando United Assistance Center offers support, resources and hope for those impacted by the Pulse tragedy. Founded as a collaboration between the City of Orlando, Orange County Government and Heart of Florida United Way, the OUAC connects individuals and families with community resources to assist with healing.

The mission

-conceptualize and implement a branding campaign to increase the visibility of OUAC and position them as a pivotal support organization


-raise awareness about the ongoing mental health impacts of Pulse in Orlando

the results

After a series of interviews and creative exercises, we designed a campaign called "Together" and outlined a strategy concept to implement it. The campaign has included:

-social media posting

-print collateral items

-"Together We Talk" show on Facebook Live

-digital advertising & TV/radio PSA campaign

-open house event

-TV & print media visibility

campaign design

Working with OUAC required our team to draw on the depth of emotion that has affected the Orlando community since Pulse, and empathize with the realities of life for the many people who have been impacted. 

Through a messaging workshop held with the compassionate staff at OUAC and other audience research techniques, we developed a branding campaign with clear, simple messaging that spanned social media, live video, digital and traditional advertising, print collateral, media visibility, and more. 

Custom Advocacy Campaign Billboard for Orlando United Assistance Center

campaign message

The Pulse tragedy deeply impacted the Hispanic, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ community. As a result, this campaign also required us to create a theme that was easily accessible for both English and Spanish audiences.

As a team, we created a series of interchangeable messages based around the word "Together" to build the idea of solidarity and resilience:

Together we are hope.

Together we are strong.

Together we are love.

Together we are Orlando.

Brand Guidelines

We also produced a detailed set of brand guidelines for OUAC to share with staff members, outside contractors, and creative partners. These guidelines included an outline of the  organization's mission and values, as well as logo requirements, chosen fonts, and color palettes.

Campaign brand guidelines for together campaign Orlando United Assistance Center

Branding Color Pallet for Together Campaign, Orlando United Assistance Center
Campaign branding for Together Campaign under Orlando United Assistance Center

logo re-design

To help the Orlando United Assistance Center get a "fresh look" in the community, we designed a new, simplified logo for the organization.

Campaign Materials

OUAC staff regularly attend events out in the community. They wanted to create promotional materials to display and hand out at their booth, and make available at the OUAC reception desk.


We designed an array of promotional items and facilitated printing through our partners at Bowled Over Promotions. These included a tablecloth, signage, pins, sunglasses, hand fans, brochures, an Instagram sign, and more.

Custom designed campaign swag, buttons, stickers, lanyards, and pins  for Orlando United Assistance Center

Custom designed campaign accessories and swag - heart shaped photo prop for Together Campaign


campaign accessories

Our creative process also incorporated miscellaneous branded items like this set of Together We Are Strong fans that offer visitors a free takeaway -- a great addition to any outdoor events in Orlando!

brochure design

To further educate the community about the work of OUAC, the center needed takeaway materials for visitors. We created this brochure for those interested in learning more about the organization or how to get help.

OUAC design brochure design creative

Custom deigned popup banners for Orlando United Assistance Center


banner signage 

When OUAC attends community events, they needed banner signage to stand out from the crowd and effectively raise awareness about OUAC and the Together campaign. We created this set of three banners to be used interchangeably at the center or at events. 

social media awareness

When we began working with them, the Orlando United Assistance Center presence on social media was limited to occasional posts on their Facebook page with low visibility and little video.


We began to support the staff in the creation of their social media content, and introduced a periodic Facebook Live show called "Together We Talk", in which staff member Joél Morales interviewed local community members including Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, Heart of Florida United Way CEO Jeff Hayward, mental health counselor Andria Roa, and OnePulse Foundation Executive Director Barbara Poma.

OUAC social media Facebook live videos

social media engagement

We also designed custom die cut print signs for OUAC staff to take to local community events to help increase their offline and online visibility.

Custom Designed social media picture frame

Custom designed campaign apparel for Orlando United Assistance Center

Campaign Apparel

OUAC has an amazing staff and crew of volunteers that work hard helping survivors and people impacted by Pulse every day. 


We were tasked to create a set of t-shirt concepts to help team members spread the word about OUAC, and designed a community-inspired graphic to meet their needs.

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